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What's in My Makeup Bag

I LOVE getting a text from a friend asking, "Hey, what's your favorite bronzer?" or "Hey, do you have any foundation recommendations?" It's so fun for me!

I'm no professional beauty blogger, but I certainly spend a sizable chunk of my life on the makeup corner of the Internet. I easily watch at least 3 (emphasis on "at least") beauty related YouTube videos a day, and I constantly hear all about all the latest and greatest that's out there. I used to feel like I needed to run out and grab every single thing these beauty gurus recommended, but I quickly realized there's just no way my wallet can keep up! So, everything I'm about to mention is nothing super new, but it's a little peek into what I like to use day to day. I hope you enjoy!


I love the finish of this foundation. I have oily skin, and this makes me feel smooth without looking completely flat matte. It has great coverage without looking cakey. It also doesn't settle into fine lines as quickly as others do. I get mine in the shade "220 - Natural Beige."


Ah, the Tarte Shape Tape. Easily, the most raved about concealer on the Internet. I put off trying this for so long because $27 for a concealer is pretty pricey. But, I finally gave it a go, and it turned out to be pretty much what everyone was saying: a full coverage, hide-those-bags, hide-everything concealer. I was actually quite happy to learn that the $27 price tag does render you much more product than the average concealer, especially because it's so full coverage, you don't need much product per application. Just remember, less is more with this. With how thick the formula is, it can get very heavy on the undereye.

I have mine in the shade "35N - Medium", but am debating going a shade lighter.

If you think $27 is way too pricey for concealer, (because, well, it is!) I highly recommend the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer - ($9).

Setting Powder:

THE BEST DRUGSTORE POWDER. Honestly, I picked this up on a whim, before I ever heard any reviews on it. Now, I hear beauty YouTubers raving about it all the time! It keeps oil at bay for a while, and it helps my makeup last longer overall. It helps blur pores too! I get it in the shade "Light Medium."


This has the perfect name because it really is so buttery! Also, the scent!! OMG, the scent takes me back to Cabo and the smell of the beach and coconuts. It's magical and the sweetest delight as you're getting ready in the morning. Note: this runs very light, so if you're ordering online, I'd go a deeper shade name than you'd think. I use "Deep Bronzer."


I prefer peachy and coral blushes over anything else. This little duo has lasted me so long, and leaves the prettiest flush of color on my cheeks. However, I wouldn't say that it's the BEST formula ever. If you have any good peachy blush recommendations, let me know!


This is not chunky, it's super pigmented and luminous! It blends so easily and it's ROSE GOLD. I mean, can you get better than that?! This is not a shy highlight though, so if you're just starting to get into highlight I'd recommend checking out the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter.

Setting Spray:

The De-Slick Oil Control version of this made me breakout every time I used it, but THIS, this works! The All Nighter helps with oil control and keeps my makeup from looking too powdery. I love that it makes my makeup stay in place longer.


I have micro eyelashes. They are so short, and I don't have very many! But when I wear this mascara, they seem to flutter out and grow so much in length and volume. To me it's like the L'Oreal Lash Paradise 2.0 - better volume, less drying. I want to love the L'Oreal Lash Paradise so bad, but mine always seem to dry up so quickly. Please hit me up with any good drugstore mascara recommendations because ya girl can't keep splurging on this mascara (even thought it's so pretty!) Right now they even have limited edition pink sparkly pink packaging!


For my brows, I like to switch it up between a micro fine pencil and a thicker brow definer like the Maybelline one above, which I find makes things go way faster for me in the mornings. Regardless of the pencil, I always set with the Glossier Boy Brow. I love this stuff! It makes my eyebrows look bolder and more feathery.


That wraps up all my everyday makeup products. The two things I switch up most often are eyeshadow and lipstick, so I'll save my top picks for those in a later post.

What's in your everyday makeup bag? I'd love to know!




"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.” - Isaiah 40:8

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