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Review: Air Pro Luxx 2

I recently received the Luxx Air Pro 2 in a PR package, and I was instantly excited to test it out because it looks so similar to the Dyson Air Wrap - but for a fraction of the cost! Just look at this side by side!

Now, I was pretty skeptical (although slightly hopeful) that this would work well. I have really thick and unruly hair, so I was looking for a blow dryer that would help cut down on drying time. I'd read that you're supposed to get your hair a bit dry before going in with the curling attachments. I was able to get my hair 80% dry in under 10 minutes with the dryer attachment on the Air Pro, and I really liked that it didn't deliver extremely high heat.

Once I was ready to start curling, it did take me a second to figure out which attachment to use for each half of my hair. I wanted to use the attachment that curls hair out and away from your face, and I actually started on the wrong side. It was no big deal; it didn't vacuum my hair into a tangled mess like I'd feared. I just switched sides and started giving it a whirl.

Watch my first impressions:

The way it suctions your hair into a perfect curl blew my mind!! I stood there in awe. I didn't expect it to be so FUN!! I quickly learned that I needed to feed it less hair for it to get a much bouncier curl. The only con there is that I have a ton of hair, so it does take me quite a while to curl all my hair. I think that, with practice, I could curl all of my hair in about 20 minutes (plus the initial 5 to 10 minutes for drying).

A few important things to highlight:

- Using this tool takes practice! Watch a few tutorials on TikTok. You get better results each time you use it.

- You are not going to get tight curls that stay all day. This is going to give you large, loose curls. Use hair spray as soon as you're done to help extend the look.

I'd say that the biggest pro of this tool is the VOLUME it gives you. I can mimic similar curls with a regular large curling barrel, but it doesn't give me as much volume as the Luxx Air Pro. This also leaves my hair feeling shiny and healthy because less heat is used than a typical curling iron.

I've never used the Dyson Air Wrap, but I feel like this delivered a very similar experience and final look. Not all of us can dish out $700 for a hair tool, so the Luxx Air Pro 2 provides a great alternative!

The team at Luxx was kind enough to give me a discount code for those of you who want to check it out! Use code: "SELENA" for 12% off.

Shop here:

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