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Q & A Part One

Hello beautiful people!!! I asked you guys on Instagram to shoot me some questions for a Q & A, and below are some the questions that were sent in. I hope y'all enjoy it!!


Q: What’s your favorite go-to dessert? You know, for those, "I want to fill my face with some deliciousness," moments.

A: Strawberry Danish. You know those they sell at Kroger and Target? The ones probably meant to be used for family dinner? One time I ate one all by myself in one evening.

Q: What’s your FAV movie?!

A: I go back and forth on 500 Days of Summer and La La Land, but I think ultimately I'd have to go with 500 Days of Summer because it's probably the one I could watch over and over and not get tired of. I LOVE the music in both, and the creativity in their cinematography. When I was in high school, I was really into filmmaking, and I was always inspired by 500 Days of Summer and the non-linear plot writing. Plus, who can resist Zooey Deschanel and JGL together???

Q: Go-to meal to make?


Q: How did your faith grow and change in college?

A: Man, my faith was stretched like never before in college. During those years, I went through some really happy seasons, but also some of the most wrecking seasons too. I came into college really caught in a ton of legalism - I knew what was "right" and I wanted to check off all the boxes. I lacked a lot of emotional connection to the Lord, but boy oh boy, did that change. My sophomore year of college, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, (You can read more about it here.) and it completely turned my life upside down. Seeing my mom go through surgery and chemo just devastated me, and I went through some extreme depression for months. It was during that time that I really learned the importance of daily time in Scripture. Whenever I couldn't stop bawling, I'd run into my room and grab my Bible. I'd plead that He would deliver me from such heaviness in my heart, and He'd reveal the most beautiful truths through His Word. The Lord completely held me through that time and remember how I said I lacked emotional connection to Him before? Well, after that season, I knew I had found the greatest comfort in the Lord. He was my safe place, the One I could come to with allllllllll my emotions and find rest. During those college years, I really learned what it was like to break down my wall of perfectionism and let grace flood over me.

Q: How long did you and the hubbs date before getting married?

A: We dated for about a year a half before he popped the question. (You can check out our full engagement story here.)

Q: What are your favorite qualities in your husband?

A: AHHH, I'm literally sitting here with little butterflies in my stomach just thinking about all my favorite things about him! Zach is my absolute favorite person in the whole wide world. He's an incredible human being (and no, I'm not biased, he really is!!!). I love how imaginative he is. He dreams big, and he doesn't just shut down my idealism, he jumps in it with me. I love how FUN he is. He's ridiculously funny, and makes me laugh like no one else. I love his adventurous nature. I really love how much he cares about justice. He cares about people who are hurting, and he wants to make a difference. I love how romantic my man is...GOSH, I really struck gold with him on that. Most of all, I love how much he loves Jesus and His Word. He's so incredibly wise and I could just listen to him reflect on Scripture for hours. He has all my respect and admiration!

Q: What’s your biggest fear?

A: I think I would have to say losing Zach. We're in this 'til death do us part, but I hate the thought of him going before me. Ultimately, I know Jesus would sustain me, but the thought of not having him definitely scares me.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?

A: Shop 'til I drop.

Q: What’s been your favorite place to travel?

A: Costa Rica. It's so lush. It looks like someone turned up the saturation on the whole place. But also, NYC. New York will always have a special little place in my heart.

Q: Are you a blogger full time?

A: Haha, I wish! But also...I don't. I work full-time at Living Proof Ministries as the media coordinator, and I really feel like God's got me right where He wants me for now.

Q: How did you get your job!?

A: I used to work at the Austin Stone Community Church, and I had a good friend/ coworker that worked there who knew the ladies at Living Proof because they'd connected when she worked at Breakaway Ministries. When my husband got a job in Houston, she knew that I was going to be looking for a job when we moved. I really wanted to keep working in ministry, so she asked me, "Hey, would you want to work for Beth Moore?" Of course, I said, "Omg YES!!!!" She put me in touch with them, they happened to have an opening, and the rest is history!


That wraps up Part One of this Q & A, thank you so much for sending your questions!! I had a blast writing these out. Stay tuned for Part Two, where I'll answer more blogging-specific questions y'all sent, like "Why did you start to blog?"

With so much love,



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