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We're moving to Dallas!

Okay, WOW! Typing that blog title really hit me. We are really moving to Dallas!

Zach and I are packing up our gear and moving next month. He is starting grad school at UT Dallas in August, and I could not be more proud of him. My extremely intelligent husband is taking on a dual graduate degree and getting an MBA (Master of Business Administration) and a Masters in Marketing!

He's considered going back to school on and off since we completed our undergraduate degrees, and now we're finally doing it!

He applied to UT Dallas and the University of Houston. He was accepted into both, so we started praying God would make it clear whether He would like us to go or to stay.

God slowly started opening some crazy doors in Dallas. Initially, Zach was only applying to the Marketing program. Shortly after being accepted into the program, they emailed him basically saying, "Hey, this year we got extra funding for the MBA program and we could cover some of your tuition for that degree. We think you'd be a perfect candidate for doing both the MBA and Masters in Marketing in under two years."

After the email, they had an interview for the MBA program, and Zach got in! I am SO proud of him y'all!!! And they offered him such a stellar scholarship!


UTD ended up being the better ranked school and they offered him not only better financial aid, but they added an extra degree opportunity. Getting the MBA will really open up some more doors for Zach in the future, so after praying about it (so, so much), we felt it was wise to accept their offer.

I am ecstatic about this opportunity for Zach! I'm not just saying this because he's my husband, but the man is BRILLIANT - one of the smartest, most hard-working men I've ever known.

When we got married, I wrote these statements into my vows:

So here we go! An adventure awaits!


So what about my job?

As many of you know, I LOVE my job. I work as the media coordinator at Living Proof Ministries with Beth Moore. I get to create social media content, shoot and edit videos, design graphics and all sorts of fun media things that make my heart so full! But really, what I love most about my job is our "why." The reason we do anything is ultimately so more women can come to know and love Jesus and His Word.

When we were praying for guidance in the decision making process, losing my job was one of the hardest things to wrap our minds around. I just kept thinking, "I don't know why God would want me to leave this ministry."

But, when God laid out this opportunity for Zach to attend grad school in Dallas, it was evident we had to go. I felt this so strongly: It's Zach's turn to flourish in his career. He needs to go and pursue something that excites him. I've gotten to do plenty of jobs I'm passionate about. I want that for him too.

Zach expressed how much it hurt him to know this move would take me away from something I love doing so much. We wrestled with the idea, but, ultimately, there was no denying God was showing us huge favor in this specific direction.

And you know what? It turns out God didn't think it was time for me to leave Living Proof completely either.

I showed up to work one day, about to tell Beth (my boss, sister, and beloved teacher) that I was moving and going to have to leave my job. Before I told her, I was sitting in my desk, getting extremely teary-eyed because it was finally hitting me, "When I go tell her, that's it, I'm really, really leaving."

As I shared the news with her, she looked at me with such endearment and said, "Well, you know I'm about to ask you if you would consider doing your job remote."

Well, in my wildest dreams I couldn't even have believed it! I get to keep my job!!!! Praise the Lord for technology and WiFi. I will be working from home in Dallas, and I'll be traveling back to Houston for our monthly worship and Bible study nights, which will be so wonderful because it will give me a chance to really keep a connection with my coworkers and the women we serve.

Oh, I could say this a thousand times: God, you are so faithful.


How to help us pray:

In the next few weeks Zach will be looking for a part-time job to maintain during school. His program is very full-time, so, realistically, he will only have a limited time to work. Please help us pray for a job to open up for him. Help us pray for provision in this season, as we'll mostly be living off one full-time salary. It's going to be difficult, but we're excited for this next chapter.

Please also pray for endurance for us this month. We're a bit overwhelmed with all of the to-dos before moving.

Will you help us pray for a good church home in Dallas? We are going to miss our Houston community dearly, so please be praying for our hearts in this transition. I can't believe we're moving to the city I grew up in. I think it will be so interesting to be back. I haven't lived there in 6 years! I am very happy to be near my family and best friends again, but I'm also terribly sad to leave Houston as well. (Houston, you've got a whole other blog post dedicated to you coming up soon!)


One of the things we'd both want to say to anyone overwhelmed or unsatisfied in their career choice, It's okay to change directions. Of course, every job is going to have its downs. But, if you really sense the Lord calling you in a different direction - that is OKAY. Life doesn't have to be lived on one prescribed pathway for the entirety of your days.

God will show up for you. For the months of waiting to know where we would end up, I genuinely felt God would not abandon us. I knew He had a good plan ahead.

But let me say this: I did not arrive at this stance overnight. The Lord has chipped away at the hardness of my heart over the years. He's pushed back on my distrust. He's shown me how faithful He is. So, when this big decision was upon us, I knew that no matter which road He took us down, He would be with us.

Deuteronomy 31:8 says, "It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you."

Friend, He will be with you, too. Whatever He calls you to, He'll go with you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our life update, we appreciate you so much!

With love,

The Schorkens

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