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Houston Brunching

My husband jokes that if I were a meal of the day, I would be brunch, and honestly I take it as the best compliment ever! Brunch is my favorite. The sweets, the savory, the coffee, the environment, the long talks...what's not to love!

Coming from Austin, foodie central, I was brunch spoiled. When we moved, my perception of Houston was "suburblandia" and strip malls. So, for some crazy reason, I thought Houston wouldn't have any cute brunch spots. None. (I mean, y'all, I was in a serious panic over the brunch). But luckily for me, I was pleasantly surprised to see Houston's brunch scene is anything but nonexistent. Today I'm sharing a few of Houston's best places to spend your Saturday morning. I'll be including a general overview of each restaurant and a little tip on what to order at each because if any of you are as indecisive as me, it's always helpful to have some good recommendations. Hope you enjoy!

I think Eloise may have my favorite interior aesthetic. With the adorable French bistro chairs, the glamorous bar area and the fun greenery wallpaper, they strike such a cool balance of trendy and timeless. We had a little photoshoot for work here, and lemme tell ya, that lighting is gonna get you some quality insta pics. I do wish they had more coffee options though!

What to Order: Horchata French Toast. Latina pals, y'all already know, with's gonna be GOOD.


With Dish Society, I feel like their food really lives up to its tagline of "farm to table fresh." All their food options seem carefully curated with truly fresh ingredients. I've only been to the Galleria/ Tanglewood location, but the ambience feels modern yet laid-back. You could rock your cutest brunch outfit, or you could just wear jeans and a t-shirt. We used to live about two blocks away from this location, and I seriously regret not going here more often when we did.

What to Order: Chicken & Biscuits (comfort food at it's finest).


Another Broken Egg is maybe not the best for your perfect Instagram aesthetic, but a winner for the best portions and pricing. Your husband will love it! Easily my favorite thing about this place is you don’t have to compromise. You can get savory AND sweet. Most of their sweet brunch items include your side of eggs and bacon. And no, it’s not an extra $5 for the bacon!! Believe me, you will not leave this place hungry.

What to Order: Cinnamon Roll French Toast with a side of the country potatoes. (It already comes with eggs and bacon, but do not forget to order an extra side of potatoes! It's definitely way too much food, but the potatoes are just so delicious).


This place is the fanciest on the list. Maybe it's not that it's so "fancy" but I like to think of it as a more grown-up Eloise Nichols. Here's the best indicator of how fancy this place is: they will not let you park your own car. Their entire lot is valet. We made the mistake of parking in an open spot (about 80% of the lot was open) and we were quickly told we had to use valet to park. At least when we went, we didn't see any signs saying the entire lot was valet. Save yourself the awkward exchange and either head to the valet tent first, or park in the neighborhood streets nearby. Okay, enough about the parking - the design of this place is gorgeous! Want to show your out-of-town girlfriends a really nice Houston place? Take them to Emmaline. Described as "American Cuisine with European Refinement," this place will not disappoint the serial bruncher. Take a peek into all the dining areas they have, as they each have their own distinct vibe.

What to Order: Daily Scones (I know it's not an entree, but these were my favorite item to try! They're brought out warm and with butter - the perfect little morning treat!) I ordered the Pastry Cream Stuffed French Toast, but I would say only get this if you're truly a sweets lover. They pack a sugary punch!


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Adair will always hold a sweet spot in my heart as it was the first date night spot we went to as a married couple. It was also the first place to help me break that illusion of Houston only having bland aesthetic brunch places. Just around the corner from our old apartment, Zach and I found ourselves here several relaxing Saturday mornings. This place feels so inviting with their homey farmhouse decor. But if the weather is nice, I highly recommend grabbing a table outside. Adair not only serves delicious brunch, but their dinner menu is delightful as well! Their pecan crusted chicken is making my water just writing about it. Their burger comes with rosemary parmesan sea salt fries and is a must-try!

What to Order: Chicken and Waffles or Avocado + Chorizo Toast (I add eggs to mine).


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If you've ever been to Walton's in Austin, Common Bond will give you a similar vibe (but with more parking!). They've got their cutie macarons and baked goods all out for display as you wait in line; it's so tempting to get it all!

Common Bond feels like such a happy place to me. On a Saturday morning you can see families with little ones enjoying a meal together, pups on the patio, girlfriends catching up, and just so many warm interactions all around. I would love to come back on a weekday afternoon to read a book by their window, while enjoying one of their perfectly spiced chai lattes and a couple of their pastel macarons.

What to Order: A Macaron (or two). Chef's Scramble (those crispy hatch potatoes are unlike anything I've ever had, and so, so scrumptious).


I saved the best for last! Tiny Boxwoods is my personal favorite scene. It's so bright and full of verdant greenery. It makes you feel like taking a deep breath and letting yourself relax right into it. In an ideal world, my home would like just like Tiny Boxwoods.

Do not go here if the weather is awful because there's a decent chance you won't be able to get a table indoors. However, sitting outside is the best! Right on the property, you'll see a darling plant nursery with flowers galore! Now, this is going to sound crazy, but it's true! Every time we've sat outside, the tiniest, most adorable singing birds fluttered around while we brunched. They weren't intrusive - just PRECIOUS. It was like straight out of an animated Disney movie!

What to Order: The Southside (eggs scrambled with cheese, avocado mash, tomatillo salsa, blistered tortillas), The Lucky Burger or the Avocado Toast. Get the chai latte! It's honestly the best chai latte I've ever had.


Important note: the wait can get pretty crazy at every brunch place, so just make sure you show up early or head over before you're starving.

That's it for my roundup of Houston Brunch spots. Let me know if you try any of these cutie restaurants! I hope you find a new favorite!

With so much love,


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