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10 Easy Ways to Fall-ify Your Home

Pumpkin Spice and everything nice is finally here! And while the weather still hasn't caught up to the times, especially for my friends living in the south, we've gotta fake it 'til we make it! So, if your heart flutters for all things cozy and autumnal, like mine does, this one's for you. Here are 10 easy ways to bring all the fall feels into your AC controlled abode:

1. Snuggle up with a cozy throw.

Some of the cutest online right now include:

2. Throw some pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls in the oven to bake while you get your decor set up.

TRY telling me these don't make your heart flutter. (Delicious AND they'll make your home smell heavenly).

3. Add pumpkins...EVERYWHERE!

Okay, not everywhere, but adding small decorative pumpkins around key places in your home will make you smile as your fall-loving self walks from room to room.

They have tons of pumpkin options in the Dollar Section, but I also found fun ones on their site here and here.

4. Add some autumnal colors to your couch or your bed with a couple of pillows.

These are great options:

5. Don't forget about the bathroom!

Swing by HomeGoods and get discounted hand soap and dish/ hand towels.

TJ Maxx also has adorable options - just look at these!

6. Add accent floral pieces to arrangements you already have, or stick some in a small vase.

Here's one I got, also from the Target Dollar Section. I simply stuck it on a vase I have on my desk (pictured above). For $1, something like this is an affordable add with a quick way to spruce up any area. You can also find various floral pieces at Hobby Lobby and Michael's this time of year.

7. Scent is probably one of the most important aspects of the fall aesthetic. Light at least one fall scented candle.

Here are a two of my faves:

8. Swap some wall decor.

My sister-in-law got me this fabulous gold wreath and its pumpkin details are delicate and subtle, making this one classy addition to our home.

9. As you pull out your cinnamon rolls, make yourself a pumpkin spice latte.

Coffee, of course, adds to the magical fall scent. I've been making some BOMB lattes with this oat milk (which has a bit of vanilla flavor) and the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice coffee grounds. I warm up the milk and then froth it. We have a coffee maker that has a frother attached, but you can also use something like this to get the perfect foam. Then, I pour it over the brewed cup of coffee. So tasty!!!

10. Relax. In order to feel cozy in your home, you have to make time to slow down. Switch on the Netflix fireplace, kick back, and enjoy a good book.

Friends, I hope this fall is full of warmth and wonderful memories in your home. I'd love to see how you fall-ify YOUR home, shoot me a DM and let me know!

Sending one big cozy hug,


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