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Let's Get Fit! - Athletic Gear Roundup

I think every single year I make it a goal to "get fit" and never really stick with it, but I'm finding myself loving my workouts more and more this year! Even without going to the gym, I've found a few different ways to get moving and I always end up feeling so glad I did!

The weather has been gorgeous lately, so I love going on outdoor runs! I pick a bomb playlist and tune out all other distractions. It's the best! When I workout at home, I flip on a MadFit YouTube video and follow along. My two personal favorites are her Folklore and Evermore dance workouts. They're the perfect way to fit in a quick workout and loosen up stiff muscles from sitting in your desk all day. I've also gotten into using small dumbells and she has great videos to follow for arm workouts!

I'm currently itching to add more workout sets to my wardrobe. There are just so many to choose from!!!

Here are a few things I'm loving online right now:


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