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Building a Feminine Fall Wardrobe

We're about to start the best season of all: FALL! Soon enough, our denim shorts will be stored away, and our cardigans will finally make us feel like it's the perfect time to blast Folklore.

Fall is easily the best season for fashion in my opinion. You have more opportunities to put some extra thought into how you want to layer pieces together, but it's not yet all covered up by a winter coat!

And just because the season is changing, doesn't mean you can't still keep your feminine style. We don't even have to let go of girly pinks! To transition into fall, we can opt for slightly darker pinks - think: rosy tones and mauves. We can introduce some of the traditional fall tones as well, keeping it timeless and classic.

In fact, I'm pretty pumped about this entire color palette I put together for inspiration.

It's like your classic fall colors, but with a feminine twist! I love to keep a color palette in mind while I'm shopping because it helps me narrow down my search. And, when you have a color palette, you can start building a cohesive wardrobe where you'll be able to mix and match your pieces. However, don't feel boxed in! This is just a kicking off point. You can always add more colors!

So now that we have a color palette to work with, let's break down some of the staples of a feminine fall wardrobe. I'll break it down into categories for you, and hopefully you'll find some new favorite pieces to add to your closet or at least a little bit of inspiration for what to look for as you browse your favorite retailers.


If you've been following me for a while, you know I love a good puffed sleeve! I think it instantly elevates a basic, solid-colored top. Some other elements I love to look for are: tie-neck details, square necklines, and of course, nothing says "girly" like a little ruffle detail.

If you get one thing from this, let it be a good longline, neutral cardigan! I get so much wear out of mine because they are the perfect light layer to throw on as temperatures start to cool down a smidge. You can wear them over a nice blouse or even just a simple white tee. The length and neutral color makes you look instantly classy.

Finding dresses in an updated fall color palette easily transitions us from summer into fall. Wear them now, and throw on some outer layers later in the season. Now just picture yourself at an apple orchard or pumpkin patch with a darling plaid dress! Too cute!

I love how versatile a skirt can be. You can tuck in a lightweight tee in September, and pair it with a light sweater and booties in October.

I can't wait for Texas weather to allow sweater season to start! I have sweaters in all the traditional fall colors, and I'm hoping to add some pink ones into my collection! Paired with other warm neutrals, pink can easily be incorporated into your fall style. If you only grab one sweater though, let it be the camel colored teddie sweater.

It's so soft and warm, and you can bet it will never go out of style.

If you don't already have a pair of tie-waisted pants, you need some! It's also extremely important to find some that fit well, so don't worry if the first pair you try isn't an instant hit. You have to find what works for your body type - that might be a more tapered leg or a wider leg, a higher waist or a more mid-rise. But when you find your fit, I promise you're gonna love them and reach for them time and time again. I think they are so flattering with a more fitted top or cozy sweater tucked in. They pair so well with mules and heeled booties!

Pick some up in a plaid or striped print for a fabulous statement piece.

I wanted to do a brief mention of my favorite fall jeans in case you're on the hunt for some new denim. The days of ultra-skinny jeans are behind us, and the straight leg/ mom jean is the new classic.

The Everlane Super-Straight Jean has such high quality denim, and the slightly wider leg opening is the best for all your fall booties.

The American Eagle Mom Jean, however, is my most comfortable pair of jeans. I love how high-waisted they are without feeling constricted thanks to the stretch they have! (I like to size down in these!)

Let's be honest, down here in the south, we won't be able to bust out any actual coats until late November. But, the trench coat truly is the perfect piece of outerwear for fall because it's so lightweight. Plus, nothing feels more classic to me than the trench coat. I have a classic beige one and a pink one I'm absolutely obsessed with!

You really don't have to break the bank for a trench coat either. I've included some at various price points here.

For the past few years, I've been on the HUNT for some loafers. I'm so happy to report I finally found my perfect pair! I have super flat-feet, so I really need a comfortable shoe. Every other loafer I'd tried was far too stiff for my liking, but these are juuuuust right. If you're looking for a really inexpensive option, these Target ones are great as well!

Our feminine fall color palette pairs best with beige or cognac colored booties, but I do occasionally like to throw on my black booties too!

The most versatile handbag I have in my fall wardrobe is my leather crossbody. I'd recommend investing in a high-quality handbag like this because you'll get so much wear out of it, and it will work for any season!

No outfit is complete without accessories!!! There are so many fun ways to accessorize during the fall. We can always channel our inner Blair Waldorf with a headband! We can throw on a hat or a pull our hair half-up into a pretty hair scarf. Jewelry, of course, always adds a touch of extra glamour. I usually opt for yellow gold in the fall!


Friends, I really hope you've found some fall style inspo today! And remember, you can embrace femininity year-round!

With so much love,


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