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Dear lovely ladies, you rule.

The women around me are strong, encouraging, resilient, compassionate, driven and just all around BEAUTIFUL. I am so proud of my sisters, flourishing in a world that can often seem harsh on this gender. I love watching them use their unique abilities and passions to make the world more beautiful.

These are just a few of the incredible gals I know:

-a friend who spends her Thursdays teaching ESL to immigrants from around the globe

-a friend who uses her out-of-this-world creativity to design beautiful spaces for friends to enjoy fellowship

-a friend who devotes most of her time to high school girls as a YoungLife leader, leading them into a closer relationship with Christ

-a friend who works in a non-profit pregnancy center that offers free resources to women who might be worried about funds through their pregnancy

-a friend who serves brides as a wedding coordinator, making the big day more stress-free and using her magical touch to help their wedding dreams come to life

They're extraordinary! EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER WOMEN, right?!


I get especially excited about today because we get to celebrate the people I serve and work with every day. Working in women's ministry has seriously been one of the greatest joys of my life. Every Tuesday at noon, we open up the doors of our office to pray with women in the Houston area, and it is easily one of my favorite hours of every week. I just love seeing the faces of women in our community. They are honest and fierce. And while each one fights through different battles, there is an incredible strength behind each of their vulnerabilities. I wish you could see the compassion they have for their families and the relentless pursuit they have for the Lord.

As I work and serve with mostly women in this season, I love observing how differently the Lord has created us from men. Both groups were created with such purpose! We each bring something important to the world - we can each shine different aspects of God's character in our society. Many women have come before us and proved that women can bring some remarkable qualities to the world. I'm so thankful they paved the way for today's female difference makers, and I'm thankful that my fellow ladies have continued to carry the torch to light the world in beautiful ways.


Sisters, while we may all showcase our femininity in different ways, I pray that we cherish womanhood and wear it with great joy.

Happy International Women's Day, friends!!

Photo by Gaby Caskey - My Wedding Day Shoes

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