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Road to SXSW: Wande Isola

Meet Wande Isola- one of the coolest gals alive.

If you were to watch the full interview clip, you could probably hear me saying, "YOU. ARE. SO. COOL." about 500 times- because she seriously is.

Reasons why I think Wande is a stinkin' cool person:

Her first rap on YouTube was about Pancakes. She was my camper for Ignite.


She's a rapper. She writes KILLER lyrics. She has ridiculous swagger when she performs. She was born in Nigeria, and she was the definition of an ADORABLE baby.

Lastly, she is performing at SXSW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Performing at SXSW is a HUGE deal, but it's still not the coolest part of Wande's story. The coolest thing about Wande is her love for Christ and passion for communicating the Gospel.

It is wonderful to see how the Lord molds our hearts and minds with specific passions and talents, and it brings me great joy to see people using those skills to glorify and worship Him.

"Because your love is better than life, my lips will praise you."

-Psalm 63:3

After presenting the video to my journalism class, someone asked me: "You know her?"

Yes. And man, am I blessed to know such a cool human being.

For more on Wande's opportunity to perform in SXSW, check out this story: The Road to SXSW: Wande Isola

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